Koa Bunga!

Koa Bunga is a wonderful game which has been released on February 1st 2017.
It’s a 3rd Person Singleplayer Platformer Puzzle Adventure and was being developed as graduation project in Unity 3D. More than 50 students worked for about 4 months to achieve this neat outcome. It’s release was also part of the beta – an event, which you can check out here: beta 2017 – Hochschule Mittweida

We made it! Koa Bunga will be on Steam!
We’re preparing the Build and soon you will be able to download it, so stay tuned!
In the meantime you can still check out the Page on Steam Greenlight

I was part of the Audio/Video – Team and thus responsible for:

  • Foley / SFX Recording
  • Music (only the tracks you can find below)
  • Audio Implementation (Unity)
  • In Engine Stuff (e.g. mixing, reverb-zones, 3D-settings)

There’s an EARLY Animation/Sound Reel from back when we were developing:



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