A Tale of Wind and Sea

A local multiplayer game for 2 players, in which you are sharing a controller with a friend to control a fish and a bird. When flying through the air or swimming through the sea you generate a current which you can use to build up your speed. If you are fast enough you can try to jump out of your habitat and catch the other animal. By collecting orbs you can alter the sea level to your advantage.
The game tells the story of a relationship through gameplay.

This gem was developed as part of the Game Maker’s Tool Kit Jam which lasted for 48 hours. My role within our Team of four focused on the Sound Design.

48 hours is a really short time, so I’m glad we could bring such a wonderful game to life.
Although many ideas I had for the Sound did not quite turn out the way I wanted to,
I was really lucky with the Main Theme, which turned out just wonderful, underlining
the beauty of the game and the tragic of the story.

The best thing is, you can download and play for free:
 (also check out all the other awesome games which participated in the jam)

Leif-Eric Nordmann – 2D Art
Justin Zwack – 2D Art
Matthias Fath – Sound Design
Tobias Bruch – Programming


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