Dalli Klick!

At first I didn’t really want to put this game on this site, because it’s nothing to show off any skills, but on the other hand, maybe someone is searching for this kind of game –  without wanting to pay anything – so here we go.

The reason I created this (in about four days!), is my mums birthday. She turned 50 and was throwing a party, at which she also wanted to play some games including Dalli Klick.

In case you don’t know it:

Dalli Dalli was a german TV show which aired 1971 - 1986.
Each show four celebrity - duos played against each other in various games. 
One of these games was called Dalli Klick and basically is about guessing whats in a picture. 
Said picture was covered with pieces, which were removed piece by piece, revealing more of the image over time.

Since I couldn’t find a free version which allowed the player to use own pictures, I quickly threw together something she could use for her party.

This version differs a bit from the original game played in the show, so here are the features:

  • First of all, you will need someone who knows the pictures and can decide if the guesses of the players are correct.
  • Secondly, there are no points. If you want them, you have to be oldschool and use pen and paper.
  • There are always exactly 8 pieces which cover the image. I didn’t have enough time to create them procedurally.
  • However you can set the total time that each image takes to be uncovered and the amount of rounds you want to play.
  • Own images can be placed in the game-folder “Meine Bilder“. If they should appear definately while playing the session, place them in “Pflicht“. Otherwise use the folder “Random“. Keep in mind though that if you have 10 images in “Pflicht” but only play 5 rounds, not all images will be shown (obviously).
  • You can decide in the settings, if you want to repeat a round (with a new image) if no one guessed the correct answer, or if you want to continue with the next round.

Last but not least, I used some snippets of a Dalli Dalli broadcast for nostalgia.
I do not own any of the rights regarding the image/sound snippets of said broadcast.

You can download the latest build here:
Download from Dropbox


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