aisreveR (Infinity Jam 2017)

So I was able to take part in another 48-hour gamejam and had a good time there.
We developed a little VR – game for the Vive, called Reversia and, despite my initial goal to focus on Sound Design only, I ended up scripting quite a bit, too.
(To a point, where Sound Design had to be neglected, way more than I’m comfortable with…)

The group I worked with developed two mini games, which could be played inside the VR-World, and since we really liked those (mainly because of the animals :D) I decided to create a small standalone application for Android, which only includes those two mini games. Also this way, I was able to deepen my understanding about the interplay of Wwise – Unity – Android a little bit.

Get the .apk via Dropbox (I don't have a google dev acc yet T_T):
Reversia Mini Games v1.3.apk

So, yes, it happened. I’m glad to announce, that I could finally work with Wwise! I learned quite some things about this neat tool – after all this time waiting for an opportunity 😀

I created all Sounds myself, except the sheep's bleating:
Sheep bleating on

Check out Alpha Mittweida - one of the hosts of the jam - as well:
Alpha Mittweida on Facebook

Yeah, well, that’s it for this little heads-up.
See you next time!




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