An Adventure In Space

..and what an adventure it was developing it.

An Adventure in Space is a short game that is about landing on various planets to find crates which help refill your resources, as well as special key crates, that are required to use the portal and thus, to win the game.

This game is the result of the longest project I have been working on since I started this whole journey – and it could’ve consumed many, many weeks more, but sometimes you just have to know when to finish something and start something new. So instead of delaying the “release” to the end of the week (same as I did last week, and the week before then), I call it quits! Right now! 03:30AM on a Wednesday. Sounds romantic ❤

When I started developing this game (7 months ago!), I thought of it as a project for “a month, maybe two”, to “have something I can do sound design for”. Admittedly, I did not work on it for a few weeks when I was doing university stuff, still, this is an incredible long time for me, working on one, single project.

The idea for the game to be set in space was inspired by another game I played quite frequently back then; ‘The Long Journey Home’ by Daedalic Entertainment West. I really like that game, especially the parts in which you control the land module trying to gather ressources on planets, which became the main influence of ‘An Adventure in Space’.

While developing I had so many things planned, some of those made it to the game, most did not – pretty basic I guess, regarding game development. The same thing applies to this blog post. When I developed, it was kind of normal for me to note things down in my head about what I could mention, talk about and explain. Now that the day is finally here, I can’t seem to remember any of it 😀

Want to try it out yourself?

Previous project already taught me that it is hard to let go and that there will always be things that could be improved, overhauled, optimized, etc. And I already talked about that in other posts, so just let me say that I am glad that this game has turned out the way it did, which is a personal milestone regarding my projects and that I am curious what will follow – hopefully something that involves others as well, since working in a team is something I missed from time to time. I learned so much new stuff regarding Unity, even if some things just left me more clueless than ever, but I guess those question marks will be figured out in another game!

By the way. Now, that I have finished this blog post and uploaded the final-final-last-one build to, it is 9:30AM. DAAAMN YOOUUU OPTIMIZATION AND LAST MINUTE FIXES AND SADDENING WORKAROUNDS!11!1 Night! 🙂


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