The Explorer: Sound Redesign

This project is a complete redesign of the soundscape of ‘The Explorer 3D Gamekit‘.
It also is the result of needing something to work with, in order to enhance my understanding of audio middleware, FMOD in this particular case.

I created this redesign in about three weeks, which involved removing all* sound effects that had been implemented via Unity’s audio system, creating new SFX through layering library sounds, as well as own foley recordings, composing short music tracks, and lastly implementing both sfx and music via FMOD.

*a small exception is the voice over for the protagonist (Ellen). In that specific case, I refrained from replacing the original files and simply imported those into FMOD.

Download the latest build here:
Google Drive

The workflow in FMOD mostly involved importing the audio files, creating the audio events that the script would trigger later on, arrange the imported files in their respective audio events and ensure a certain degree of variation if the event is called multiple times. While that is true for most of the sfx, the music events required parameters to allow switching between the e.g. exploration and fighting soundtrack.

Or watch the quick playthrough:

Besides that, there was another problem to solve. Since the original project made use of Unity’s audio system, I couldn’t use the original reverb components that had already been placed in the level. On top of that, FMOD doesn’t seem to bring its own reverb ‘spheres’ that handle the reverb attenuation (dry to wet). Therefore I had to script my own reverb component, that offered the possibilty to scale minimum and maximum attenuation of the reverb. This script is basically mimicking Unity’s own 3D reverb/volume system (or FMODs 3D Audio Event Emitter) by checking the player’s distance between the outer and inner sphere, and scaling the reverb’s volume level accordingly between 0% to 100%.

Custom Reverb System

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