About Me


Alright. So this is all about me, huh?
Let’s give it a try then.

My name is Matthias (“Llama”) Fath and I’m currently living in Dietmannsried, Germany. I studied Mediainformatics and interactive Entertainment, which basically focuses on various areas of Game Development.

Since my childhood I have an interest in video games, regardless of genre or platform, as long as they provide moments of joy. So, that’s why it became clear to me, pretty early on, that I want to work in that field some day.

Besides my studies, and the projects involved, I was able to already check out parts of the industry by working for a mobile game developer in Hamburg (XYRALITY GmbH), as well as the Localization Quality Assurance Departement of Keywords Studios in Dublin, Ireland.

Another thing I like doing, besides Quality Assurance, is in-engine work. So, placement of assets, especially audio (including mixing, 3D-setting adjustments and basic scripting). I love playing around with the phenomenon of sound. The way you can create sounds and “trick” the mind into thinking they are part of a world, making it seem so real and close. Simply amazing. But aside from composing / recording the soundtrack and implementing SFX, I realised, especially during the project “Koa Bunga“, that I really enjoy doing foley.

I finished my bachelor thesis in December 2017, so if you’re interested in a proposal of a (rough) taxonomy regarding the “relation of auditory stimuli in video games”, feel free to take a look at it: Taxonomie zur Beziehung auditiver Reize in Videospielen  (Unfortunately it is only available in german…)