About Me


Alright. So this is all about me, huh?
Let’s give it a try then.

My name is Matthias Fath and I’m currently living in Mittweida, Germany.
I studied Mediainformatics and interactive Entertainment (hope that’s translated alright) which basically focuses on various areas of Game Development.

I like doing in-engine work such as asset and audio placement (the latter involving mixing, 3D-setting adjustments and basic scripting). But aside from composing / recording the soundtrack and implementing SFX, I realised, especially during the project “Koa Bunga“, that I really enjoy doing foley.

I finished my bachelor thesis in December 2017, so if you’re interested in a proposal of a (rough) taxonomy regarding the “relation of auditory stimuli in video games”, feel free to take a look at it: Taxonomie zur Beziehung auditiver Reize in Videospielen  (Unfortunately it is only available in german…)

So I hope one day I can do Sound Design for a living. I love playing around with the phenomenon of sound. The way you can create sounds and “trick” the mind into thinking they are part of a world, making it seem so real and close. Love that, I really do. 😀